» Glutamine Supplements – Benefits

Glutamine Supplements – Benefits

Glutamine Supplements- Benefits

Glutamine is the most commonly found amino acid in muscles. It contains a ration of 19% of nitrogen so it is the main transporter of nitrogen to your muscles. When working out intensely the body is quickly depleted of this healing nutrient. Taking supplements is the easiest way to insure that the depletion does not occur.


Taking Glutamine supplements is essential in helping the body to break down fat more efficiently.  It helps to produce more Human Growth Hormone and allows new muscle growth. It is essential in cell volumizing. It has been linked to effective protein synthesis. It prevents muscle cell catabolizing (your muscle cells being eaten up for the Glutamine that you are using when you work out).

It has also been shown to help maintain hydration during work outs or other activities by plumping up your cells.


Recovery is an important part of any training plan. The goal is to quickly return the body to normal levels after a work out so that healing can start and produce he results you are looking for. During recovery periods Glutamine has been shown to take up to 6 days to reach normal levels after an intense work out. Adding a daily supplement can help you to achieve normal levels in hours not days.

Benefits to You

Whether you are training or not L Glutamine has other benefits to the body like gut health. Glucamine is very important to the function of the small intestine and can actually help to repair and restore good health. Of course this is also an important attribute when training. A healthy gut means a pain free work out. No one wants to train with stomach cramps.

Bodybuilders and other athletes use Glutamine to enhance their immune systems which can be depleted by heavy work outs or training since the Glutamine is depleted during intense training and it plays a very important role in you immune system as well. This amino acid provides energy to your white blood cells which is largely responsible for insuring that illnesses are kept at bay.

There are multiple benefits to taking this supplement for both people that are training and those that are not.

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