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Fitness & Exercise

No matter how old you are right now fitness & exercise go hand in hand. If you want to feel better, build your immune system, look better and enjoy overall wellness there is only one clear way to all of it. Fitness & exercise is a winning team, you can very rarely have one without the other. If fitness is the goal than exercise is the vehicle to get you to your goal.

Fitness is your ability to meet your daily goals, feel well and good health. Exercise is the key component that will help you reach a level of fitness that you are happy with.


A lot of people mistakenly believe that the term “fitness” describes someone that is completely consumed with working out. It is completely false to think that the only way to be fit is to lift weights or spend 25 hours a week at the gym. Fitness is actually a quite personal attribute.

In other words your personal level of fitness is not something someone else can dictate to you. If you feel well, are in good health do not struggle with daily tasks than you are fit for you.

Fitness is a state of mind AND a measurable body state. It is determined by what the average person at your age can accomplish physically. The people that are at the gym every day for as long as they can be is not the average person. The average person is not an athlete.

Your fitness level is measured against data that is collected regarding what the average abilities are of average people in your age group. Fitness looks at blood pressure, cholesterol levels and other body functions as a whole.

How Does Exercise Play a Role In Fitness?

Fitness & exercise go hand in hand because exercise is what increases your fitness. Exercise builds endurance, helps to build the immune system up, it builds a healthy heart, keeps the blood pressure down and keeps your body at a healthy weight so that everything functions as it should.

While some people are able to stay fit when they are younger without exercise it does not last. Exercise grows increasingly important to your fitness level as you age. Starting on the path to an active life should begin as soon as possible but It is never too late to get started. Studies indicate that people in their 70’s can greatly improve their health by starting an exercise regimen!

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