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Fiber-What Is the Best Source?

Fiber is a dietary necessity. You need fiber to keep you “regular” to keep you feeling full and to fuel your digestive system. Oddly enough it is estimated that only 50% of the population get enough fiber from their diet.

There are two types of fiber. Soluble fiber and non soluble fiber or insoluble fiber, both are necessary and both are good for you. Fiber is one of the few things that can make it through your digestive system and into your colon. Fiber comes from complex carbohydrates that should already be a part of your diet.

It helps to push the food through, lower your cholesterol and generally keep you feeling well.

Insoluble Fiber

This fiber is the stuff that makes you go when you are constipated and it is the stuff that keeps you regular. It is largely found in the whole grain wheat flours but is found in a host of vegetables as well. This fiber survives your digestive tract and helps to push everything through.

Soluble Fiber

This is the fiber that moves out the bad stuff. Think of this fiber as sort of a buddy fiber it buddies up with things like fat and cholesterol and takes it on a trip through your color and out the back door. Rough cut oatmeal is an excellent source of this type of fiber.

Lower Cholesterol, Reduced Risk of Diabetes and Other Health Benefits

There has been study after study that has shown that a diet high in fiber and low in fat can easily decrease the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity among other serious diseases.

Fiber is a busy buddy molecule that can help to regulate insulin, keep the cholesterol weigh down to help with a healthy heart atmosphere and reduce the risk for serious diseases like colon cancer.


If you are not getting enough fiber from your diet you can add fiber to your diet via supplements and powders of course you can make other food choices like opting for whole grain breads. Oatmeal in the morning with some fresh blueberries instead of cereals.

Of course if you still feel like you are doing all your can and can not get that fiber consumption up than you can opt for one f the fiber drinks that are available on the market. There are supplements that you can add to your food to make it rich in fiber as well.

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