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Benefits of Creatine

Creatine is produced in the liver and is a combination of three amino acids. It provides energy to all the cells but particularly is responsible for providing energy to the muscle cells. It is taken in supplement form to help build muscle and has other healing properties as well and is used in a host of medical treatment therapies.

This amino acid can help with endurance and also helps with joint health, Parkinsons disease, some forms of mood disorders. It increases energy and helps to quickly rebuild muscles.

Increased Energy

For the purpose of training, Creatine is a powerful supplement that can easily help anyone get those extra reps done before fatigue sets in. Creatine helps to Increase Muscle Size, Strength Gains and Muscular Volumization.

Safer Than Steroids

Creatine is a safer alternative for anyone that is lifting weights to build a larger physique. It does not have the long litany of side effects that come with steroid use.

The Controversy

Unlike other supplements there is no controversy surrounding whether Creatine works! Creatine works absolutely for training purposes (there is still some back and forth issues about whether it works on the other things like aging and depression). The controversy is “when do you take Creatine before or after a work out?”. There have been several studies that have been conducted that seem to elude to the fact that it does not matter when you take this supplement. You can take it before or after and expect better results than what you get without.

There are several different camps on when to take this supplement. Some trainers say before because your body needs the energy to participate in the training session. Some trainers go with the after because your body needs the energy to recover from the training and than there are trainers that agree with the research and say take it whenever it is convenient for you.

Everyone agrees to get the most benefit from adding this supplement to your diet you have to take it everyday which includes your rest days as well. Dosing is between 2-5 grams, higher levels have not been shown to increase results.

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