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The Debate Over Amino Supremacy is over

New School Amino BCAA + SAA

Neon Sport Kinetic™ features an innovative combination of “old-school” and “new-school” amino acid technologies. Kinetic™ combines a 3:1:1 ratio of BCAAs and 4g of SAAs (Sequenced Amino Acids and Silk Protein Peptides) to deliver a novel, comprehensive amino product. Additionally, Kinetic™ features Carnitine Tartrate and Raw Coconut Water Concentrate to maximize cellular energy, delivering a truly unmatched amino product.*

The Best Tasting BCAA of all time

Neon Sport Kinetic™ ends the debate over amino supremacy. By combining both BCAAs and SAAs, Kinetic™ harnesses the ‘best of both worlds’, thereby helping power users through even the toughest workouts. Although SAAs have been a controversial new inclusion in certain amino products, SAAs are simply a specific sequence/ratio of amino acids. They are believed to have extraordinary results; a trend confirmed by numerous Neon Sport™ beta testers who reported some of the best workouts of their lives while taking Kinetic™!

A Closer Look

L-ALANINE AND GLYCINE: Support the body’s natural energy levels.*
L-SERINE: A non-essential amino acid that plays an important role in metabolism and certain functions of the central nervous system.*
L-VALINE: An essential branched-chain amino acid that plays an important role in supplying energy to muscles.*
L-THREONINE: An essential amino acid that may promote increased nutrient absorption.*

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