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- Backed by more than a decade of evolutionary bench work and published scientific research showing it can truly reduce human myostatin levels!
- Clinically tested and shown to suppress myostatin in 100% of the human test study subjects and reduce blood levels of myostatin by an average of 46% in only 12-18 hours!
- Manufactured using a proprietary High Grade Handling process to preserve bio-activity and contains a magnified concentration of 80 proteins, 700 peptides and numerous biologically active growth factors.

MYO-X is an all-natural, clinically tested myostatin inhibitor suggested in a scientific study to reduce myostatin levels in 100% of test subjects by an astounding average of 46% with just one serving! This is a very significant study for bodybuilders and athletes looking to support muscle mass, strength and performance.

Myostatin is the greatest single catabolic limiting factor of muscle growth. This natural growth factor protein exists in our bodies and works to regulate and limit muscle growth in a genetically predetermined pattern. Clinical evidence and case studies have confirmed how myostatin suppresses muscle growth, therefore inhibiting myostatin may be a new and novel approach to enhance muscle growth.

MYO-X has emerged as a powerful approach to muscle enhancement for all athletes. A 46% reduction in myostatin can help counter the catabolic forces that have restricted your ability to build more muscle and open the door to new muscle building potential. MYO-X is so extraordinary, Muscular Development magazine has proclaimed it to be the “Revolutionary Muscle Building Breakthrough of the Century!”

The World’s Only Clinically Tested Natural Myostatin Inhibitor

Scientists Call Myostatin Inhibition A Monumental Muscle Building Advancement

“Double Muscling” is a real scientific term used to describe the extreme muscle hypertrophy found in mammals, including humans, lacking myostatin (a member of the Transforming Growth Factor ß superfamily of secreted growth factor proteins). Myostatin is a powerful negative regulator of skeletal muscle mass that restricts muscle growth. While scientists are not attempting to duplicate muscle doubling, they have been eagerly searching for a way to reduce myostatin and increase muscle building for the treatment of muscle loss. Every bodybuilder on the planet would also want to have lower levels of myostatin to enhance their muscle building potential. And now they can with the world’s first natural myostatin inhibitor, clinically tested MYO-X. While MYO-X will certainly not eliminate myostatin or duplicate “Double Muscling,” it is clinically proven to significantly reduce myostatin to decrease muscle loss and increase muscle building capacity.

Since the discovery of myostatin in 1997, scientists have been intrigued by its actions and have sought methods of intervention to reduce myostatin levels and induce muscular growth. For instance, research at Johns Hopkins University as early as 2001 showed that a 20% reduction in exercise-induced serum myostatin resulted in significant gains in muscle mass. As a result, sports physicians began studying this compound in hopes of introducing some type of viable myostatin inhibitor to athletes. At the forefront of this research was Carlon Colker, M.D., a dedicated medical doctor with a vision of building bigger, stronger athletes.

Revolutionary Breakthrough In Myostatin Inhibitor Technology Shows Huge Muscle Building Potential For Bodybuilders!

For decades, the medical community (and bodybuilders) have been urgently searching for a mechanism that would inhibit the production of myostatin, a genetic protein responsible for limiting muscle growth in humans. Spurred by scientists’ widely held belief that myostatin inhibition represents a powerful strategy for promoting significant muscular gains, the principle researchers involved in this area of inquiry have been relentless in their efforts to isolate a viable myostatin inhibitor and make it available to athletes. Now it appears that their efforts have been rewarded with the development of a highly bio-active compound.

Carlon Colker, M.D., along with other doctors and scientists from around the world, identified and isolated a natural bio-active compound that goes through a proprietary High Grade Handling process and carefully preserves and magnifies the concentration of 80 proteins, 700 peptides and numerous biologically active growth factors absolutely unique to this product. This patent pending compound, MyoT12®, functions as a modulator and antagonist to myostatin production and is validated and backed by extensive laboratory testing, human clinical studies, and peer reviewed and published results. One key study demonstrated that MyoT12, the active ingredient in MYO-X, reduced serum myostatin levels up to 46% with a single serving. This is a very significant breakthrough for bodybuilders, athletes and even aging adults looking to increase muscle mass and strength. Myostatin is present in all of us and regardless of how hard you train, myostatin will limit your muscle building potential. Myostatin reductions such as these will help counter the forces that have restricted your ability to build more muscle and will open the door to new muscle building potential. Under exclusive license, MHP’s MYO-X has emerged as a powerful approach to extreme muscle enhancement for all athletes!

Clinical Study Reveals Unprecedented 46% Reductions In Myostatin In Just 12 Hours!

MYO-X’s key active ingredient, MyoT12, has been shown in a clinical study to reduce serum myostatin in study subjects by an average of 46% in 12-18 hours with just a single serving! 100% of all human clinical test subjects showed significant reductions in myostatin. The average serum myostatin declined to 12.6 pg/mL with every subject responding positively. This was a staggering average 46% drop in myostatin from baseline across all subjects. Finally, at the 24-30 hour time point with a mean value of 28.1 pg/mL, the average myostatin level completely normalized.

Research has shown that a reduction in serum myostatin levels is likely to result in clinically significant muscle gains. In my work with elite athletes I have seen firsthand the muscle enhancement impact of MYO-X when used in conjunction with intense weight training. These athletes have made vast improvements in muscle size, strength, performance and improved recovery." – Carlon M. Colker, M.D., FACN, Sports Performance Physician, Inventor of MyoT12®
Myostatin Inhibition May Represent the Safest & Most Powerful Way to Build Lean Muscle Mass.” – Robert Hariri, M.D., Ph.D.


As a dietary supplement take one scoop of MYO-X daily. MYO-X tastes amazing and can be eaten as a dry powder or you can also prepare as a drink by mixing one scoop in approximately 6-8 ounces of cold water and consume immediately. For best consistency, mix in a blender for 20-30 seconds. NOTE: Due to specialized delicate processing of this product, some clumping, even after blending is normal. Do not cook with this product of add to hot water.Directions for Storage: To maintain product freshness, store in a cool dry place. You should always wash your hands before you remove the scoop for this product.


Read and follow all label instructions prior to use. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Not intended for persons under the age of 18. Consult with a physician before using this, or any other product, if you are taking medication or have any medical condition. This product contains egg products and/or its components.


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