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ZetaSlim Tablets have many benefits:

• All Natural
• Decrease appetite
• Safe & Effective
• Increase mental alertness
• Increases Energy
• Elevates mood
• Improves Stamina
• Burns fat
• Boost metabolism
• Block sugar and MORE

20 Active Ingredients & Benefits:

Guarana - good source of energy increasing mental alertness and reduces fatigue.

Theobromine - boosts mood and energy, it can also accelerate weight loss, provides a mild thermogenic effect.

Hoodia Gordonii Powder - Unequaled world renowned appetite suppressant!

Yerba Mate Extract - inducing thermogenesis and delaying gastric emptying which creates a feeling of fullness

Green Tea Ectract - raises metabolic rates and speeds up fat oxidation.

Banaba - may help cravings for carbohydrates such as bread and sweets.

Iodine - needed to make thyroid hormones necessary for maintaining normal metabolism in all cells of the body.

Magnolia Bark - helps lower cortisol hormone levels which have been indicated as a key factor for weight loss.

Apple Cider Vinegar - weight loss, digestive difficulties, joint pain; infections; blood thinner, detoxifier and diuretic.

Grapefruit Powder - proven to aid in the reduction of fat by inhibiting enzyme responsible for absorption of carbs.

Coleus Forksohli Powder - stimulates the breakdown of stored fat and prevents the formation of fat in fat cells.

Vitamin B6 - needed for the proper function of more than 100 enzymes involved in protein metabolism.

Uva Ursi Powder - herb that reduces bloating & water retention, making it beneficial for weight loss.

Buchu - aids in the elimination of debris, mucus, and uric acid from the kidneys helping to detoxify our body.

Juniper Berries - support healthy kidney and urinary tract function, and to promote healthy blood pressure.

Chromium - promotes the activity of insulin and is a critical component of normal glucose and fat metabolism.

Cayenne Pepper - increase metabolism and enables the body to burn increased amounts of fat.

Gymnema Sylvestre - "Sugar Destroyer" reduce the metabolic effects of sugar, helping to prevent the intestines from absorbing the sugar molecules during the process of digestion.

Capsicum - stimulates the metabolism of fats; enhances blood circulation.

Glucomannon - all-natural, dietary source of 100% fiber; reduces the appetite preventing overeating and cravings.

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