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Cellucor C4 Mass + FREE C4 50X 5 Servings

Let me start off by stating i am very leery of any supplement but in order to push myself a little harder in the gym as well as help my hard gainer metabolism I choose C4 Mass, and it is probably my new favorite thing EVER. I am currently in the process of doing my first bulk so I'm a little nervous but excited about the great gains i've made. I'm almost finished with the tub (30 days) and I have to say I absolutely LOVE this product. I ordered the Icy Blue Razz and the taste is phenomenal, could be koolaid! The formula truly is something else. The addition of carbohydrates allows for better endurance, i last longer and can lift more. I especially like this when I lift in the mornings on a fairly empty stomach because it gives me steady endurance along with the energy it provides. The pump I see from this product is insane! 100/10 on every aspect of this product!

before: Today:
6 foot 6 Foot
145 lbs 174 lbs
Bench: Bench:
145 215
Squat: Squat:
205 315

by far the best price here at Nutrahealth. $20 lower then all others and came with 5 free samples of C4 50X which I haven't tried yet.
Date Added: 02/10/2016 by Adam Rossow

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