MHP Power Pack Pudding Vanilla 6 Cans -8.8 oz each

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  • Manufactured by: Maximum Human Performance - MHP


MHP Power Pack Pudding Vanilla 6-8.8 oz Cans - ON SALE

  • 30g Protein Per Serving
  • Convenient Ready-To-Eat Cans
  • Only 190 Calories Per Can

MHP Power Pak Pudding Supplement – Power Pak Pudding is an ultra high protein, sports supplement from MHP. It delivers 190 calories and 30 grams of protein. MHP Power Pak Pudding is a delicious, ready-to-eat, high protein pudding that makes eating quality protein both simple and enjoyable.

With a whopping 30 grams of superior protein, only 190 calories and no sugar, Power Pak Pudding is the ultimate low carb healthy snack.

Don't let the delicious taste fool you! Power Pak Pudding contains as much protein per serving as the leading protein bars, but with nearly half the calories and with no unhealthy trans fats and no gut-wrenching sugar alcohols. Power Pak Pudding packs 30 grams of high quality, easy-to-digest protein into each 250 gram serving, with a low 9 grams of carbs and only 4.5 grams of fat.

At just 190 calories, 9 grams of carbs and only 4.5 grams of fat, the vast majority of calories contained in each Power Pak Pudding single-serving can are derived from protein. This is ideal for the health conscious consumer. The pudding is sweetened with sucralose, which keeps the calories down but with a delicious taste. Power Pak Pudding was three years in the making to get the exact taste, texture and stability that consumers would love. And with the launch of this on-the-go portable protein snack, MHP definitely hit the mark with Power Pak Pudding.

Now, you can enjoy a tasty, satisfying snack without the guilt, MHP's ready-to-eat Power Pak Pudding is a delicious treat that nourishes your muscles for a fit and trim body. It's the ultimate mouth-watering indulgence for anyone who's on the go, but wants to eat healthy and stay in great shape.

Rich and creamy Power Pak Pudding provides 30 grams of supreme quality protein with no sugar and only 9 grams of carbs. It's a nutritious and delicious way to get the protein you need without the high calories, trans fats and sugar alcohols found in typical high protein snack bars.

Does Power Pak Pudding need to be refrigerated?
No, this scrumptious pudding tastes great at room temperature. It does not to be stored in the fridge unless it has been opened (always refrigerate after opening). This makes it the perfect snack to throw in your gym bag or briefcase and eat whenever you need a protein treat!

What if I can't finish the entire can?
Power Pak Pudding comes with a plastic re-sealable lid. So if you want to save half the can for later, just close the plastic lid and store in the refrigerator.


Refrigerate after opening.


Very low calorie protein diets (below 400 calories per day) may cause serious illness or death. Do not use for weight reduction in such diets without medical supervision. Not for use by infants, children or pregnant or nursing women. Do not use as meal replacement.


*The products and the claims made about specific products on or through this website have not been evaluated by this website or the United States Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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